Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Upstairs Leak causes Water Damage in Downstairs Bathroom

In the two photos pictured above, we had to remove the flooring, cabinets, sink and the toilet due to a category 2 water damage. This particular damage was caus... READ MORE

Leak in Upstairs Bathroom causes Water Damage in Kitchen

Although you can't see any dripping water or pools of standing water in the photo on the left, a leak in the upstairs bathroom caused water damage to the cabine... READ MORE

Upstairs Room Damaged by Water

This upstairs room was damaged by water after a heavy rain. The homeowners did not know that part of the seal on their window was damaged in the corner letting ... READ MORE

Hardwood floors water damaged in Macon, GA.

These hardwood floors in Macon, GA were damaged due to a broken water pipe above the ceiling in a bedroom. SERVPRO extracted all of the standing water on the f... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage in Macon, GA.,

This home in Macon, GA. was water damaged due to water seeping in from outside the home. The water soaked up the walls and the seal plates so the drywall had t... READ MORE

Small amount of Water can do major damage

The cabinets and hardwood floors in this kitchen had to be removed and replaced because of a small leak from an icemaker line that was behind the refrigerator. ... READ MORE