Recent Before & After Photos

Extreme Mold Growth Creates Hazard for Homeowners

This is a before and after look at extreme mold growth inside of a laundry room of a Macon home. The results of air testing for mold showed thousands of mold sp... READ MORE

Extensive Mold Growth in Kitchen

This is a before and after look at our demolition work inside of a Macon home suffering from severe mold growth. The moisture and humidity was so high in this r... READ MORE

Mold Growth throughout Living Room

Here is a look at a significant amount of mold growth we encountered inside of the living room in a Macon home. A pipe break flooded the home while the family w... READ MORE

Fire damages basement contents and structure

These two photos are a perfect example of what a few months work from SERVPRO of Macon can accomplish. The photo on the left is from inside of a Macon, Georgia ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Stairs

The damage in this photo was the result of a fire in the basement of a Macon, Georgia home. The intense heat and smoke traveled up this stairwell, affecting a m... READ MORE

Water damage at a local church

This church experienced a water loss due to a pipe bursting during freezing temperatures. The before picture shows the extent of the water damage on the carpeti... READ MORE

Residential Grease Fire

This residential fire started from grease on the stove. It caused damage to the cabinets as well as smoke damage throughout the whole house. The home owner used... READ MORE

Entire house affected by Fire

This residential house fire took place in Macon, GA. The entire house was affected with fire and smoke damage. SERVPRO of Macon was hired to clean and restore t... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

This commercial job required very detailed cleaning throughout the kitchen area. We started by wet washing ceiling grids and sponging the ceiling tiles. The wal... READ MORE

Mold in bathroom in Macon, Ga.

This bathroom was located in Macon, GA and was affected by microbial growth. Notice the extent of the growth on the ceiling and walls in the bathroom. Microbial... READ MORE